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Change is uncomfortable.

Inequality is worse.


At EGillis Consulting,

We know that inequality, discrimination, and prejudice damage our common humanity.

We believe that...


Common humanity is the foundation for an inclusive

and successful company.


My name is Elena Gillis


I care deeply about humanity, and have always had a passion for understanding people and what makes each of us unique. 

Raised by parents determined to exposing me to diverse cultures, people, and places - I was shaped by early lessons of acceptance, compassion, and respect. These values led me to a career addressing inequality and injustice globally. 

With academic degrees in gender studies and international affairs, I spent the the beginning of my career working to advance gender equality and women’s rights globally. Today, I am dedicated to addressing the deeply rooted injustices that exist in our world by supporting organizations to work in solidarity with marginalized and disadvantaged people globally. My time working in over ten countries gives me a unique perspective on building connection. I know first-hand the importance of humanity and human connection in creating multicultural inclusive organizations. 


I have a unique ability to take complex issues and design creative and simple solutions for each organization. I have proven experience developing systems, strategies, and learning opportunities to improve organization's culture across gender, race, ethnic, and cultural divides.


I like to work in friendship with clients and co-create their experience of change. This is deeply meaningful work to me, and I approach it with compassion, integrity, and respect.

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Addressing inequality is uncomfortable.


Let's do it together.

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