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Elena Gillis

Elena has extensive experience working internationally to address forms of inequality. With academic degrees in gender studies and international affairs, she spent the beginning of her career working in humanitarian aid to advance gender equality and women’s rights. In her many travels and global work environments, she learned the value of diversity and the richness it provides to communities and organizations. 

Elena has a unique ability to take complex issues and create simple solutions. Elena has proven experience developing systems, processes, and curriculum to improve organization’s culture across gender, race, ethnic and cultural divides. This is deeply meaningful work to her that she approaches with compassion, integrity, and determination.

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She thrives in the uncomfortable.

She connects with people from all backgrounds.

She keeps diversity, equity, and inclusion simple.

She makes positive change happen.

What makes Elena different?

EGillis Consulting believes in...


We believe that inequality, discrimination, and prejudice damage our common humanity – making us all less healthy, successful, and fulfilled. We believe that all people want to be their best selves and want to feel valued and respected.


We live in a global society with great diversity, and organizations must reflect that to grow. Diversity is not simply about demographics, it includes variations of work techniques, communication styles, and perspectives. EGillis Consulting believes that every person is unique and should be welcomed for

their differences.

complete solutions

While DEI is often considered an HR-led initiative for internal organizational change, EGillis Consulting believes that real solutions for DEI must be holistic and touch every aspect of an organization including its suppliers, services or products, or corporate social responsibility efforts. EGillis Consulting seeks to improve your Diversity Footprint.

What is DEI?



Diversity is about people and their varied identities and characteristics. Diversity shapes your organization’s innovation and success, as well as your impact and influence on the world.

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